General Guidelines

Presenting your Research, Scholarship or Creative Activity

Scholarly presentations in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities at SCCUR conferences are presented either as a fifteen-minute oral presentation or as a poster presentation. Art presentations will be presented as part of an art exhibit.  Video presentations and creative writing will be presented in oral session format.  You may choose either a poster presentation or an oral presentation (not both) as your preferred medium when you submit your abstract..

Some General Guidelines

  • Be organized, understand the purpose and results of your research/scholarship/creative activity, and be able to communicate them to an audience through your presentation.
  • Use the format of your academic discipline. Most scholarly presentations in the sciences and some social sciences are organized with the following components: Abstract, Introduction, Methods, Results, Discussion, Conclusion, and References. In some other disciplines these components may be less formal, but every scholarly presentations should have an introduction, address a question or problem, and discuss or analyze the results of its inquiry. Presentations in the visual and creative arts will not have these formal components, but should include an introduction to the work in the form of an artist’s statement. Consult with your faculty mentor concerning the proper form for your presentation.
  • Make your presentation as accessible as possible to a broad academic audience, without sacrificing its disciplinary rigor.
  • Anticipate possible questions. Take notes on questions and the names and addresses of the contacts you make while discussing your work.
  • Rehearse your presentation in advance.
  • Be truthful, credit all sources and respect your audience.