Conference Costs

Attendance Cost

The following table lists attendance costs based on registration type. Early bird prices run through Nov. 4, after which prices increase by $25.

Registration Type Early Bird Cost Cost after Nov 4
Faculty/Administrator/Moderator $70 $95
4-year College or University Student $60 $85
High School or 2-year College Student $50 $75
Guest (not presenting) $45 $70


You may choose to Go Green for a $5 discount off your attendance cost. Attendees who Go Green will not receive any printed materials at the conference other than a name badge. Conference schedule, maps, and abstracts, are all available online with the use of your smartphone or other portable device.

Refunds and Cancellations

If you cancel your registration by Oct 31, you will be refunded your attendance cost minus a $15 Cancellation Fee (per person). After Oct 31, you will not be able to cancel your registration for a refund. To cancel your registration please send an email to or call 562-907-4200.