Oral Presentations, Session 3 (3:10PM – 4:20PM)

Discipline Presentation Room
Anthropology The Cultural Influence on Environmental Behavior in Middle Class Households
Madilynn Santoyo
Hoover 106
Biology A Novel Assay for Higher-Order Repetitive Behavior in Mice and the C58/J Mouse Model of Autism
Mikkal Blick
Science 102
Biology A TALEN-based Approach to Elucidate the Role of Notch Glycosylation in Pancreatic Cancer
Andrea Perez
Science 204
Biology Thermal requirements for the development of the canyon fly
David Theuret
Science 208
Computer Science Decoherence: An Exploration in Quantum Error Correction
Faraz Zaerpoor
Science 110 (Physics Lab)
Earth & Environmental Science Optimizing plant-microbe interactions for a sustainable supply of nitrogen for bioenergy crops
Paul Felix
Science 104
Engineering Electrical Resistivity and Conductivity in High Performance Concrete
jarrett hamud
Science 201
Engineering Heating Attic Air for Space Heating and Dryer Applications using Solar Thermal Energy
Christian Alcaraz
Science 301
Engineering Quantitative Modeling of the Alternative Pathway in Complement System
Nehemiah Zewde
Science 405
Engineering Search and Rescue using Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
Ajay Bettadapura
Science 116 (Physics Lab)
English Literature Arabian Nights Unframed: Have You Seen This Protagonist?
Carrie Baarns
Deihl 104
History Back to the Future: The Flying Car in Postwar America
Jonathan Lee
Hoover 108
Other Tobacco and Alcohol use co-morbidity among Mediterranean adolescents
Jasmine Wahab
Hoover 105
Psychology A Semantic Analysis of “slave” and variations of the “N-word” in Mark Twain novels
Peter Cao
Mendenhall/Greenleaf Gallery
Psychology Hope Defines Perseverance
Preston Brown
Hoover 100
Psychology The Influence of Parent and Child Decontextualized Language on Higher-Order Thinking
Laura River
Deihl 118
Sociology Examining the Relationship Between New Urbanist Theory and Implementation: A Case Study of Downtown Brea
Julia Marino
Hoover 104