Oral Presentations, Session 3 (3:10PM – 4:20PM)

Discipline Presentation Room
Biology Large-Scale Informatics Approach to Understanding Decision-Making Computations in the Human Brain
Ratnalekha Viswanadham
Science 102
Biology The Affects of Thyroid Hormone (T3) Dosage Response on ATDC5 Chondrocyte Forever Cells in Alginate Beads for Chondrocyte Differentiation into Osteoblasts
Luci Schroeder
Science 208
Chemistry Analysis of Organic Species in Indoor Airborne Particulate Matter
Kyle Nash
Science 104
Chemistry Anticancer Activity of Gold(III) Complexes and Ligands Bearing Alkyl-Substituted Phenanthroline Ligands
Pauline Olsen
Science 204
Chemistry Photochemical release of carbon disulfide from 1,1- dithiooxalate and the analogous esters.
Elizabeth Levy
Science 402
Computer Science Blind Deconvolution of Barcodes via Dictionary Analysis and Wiener Filter of Barcode Subsections
Maximilian Hung
Science 110 (Physics Lab)
Cultural Studies The Culture of Competition within Linguistics: Following the Preservation and Extinction of Languages
Stephanie Ly
Deihl 118
Education STEM - Seriously Tough but Entertaining Mathematics
Tyler Sunderman
Hoover 113
Engineering Designing an in vitro bistable biological circuit using RNA aptamers
Claire Tran
Science 405
Engineering Obstacle Avoidance System for UAVs using Computer Vision
Mathew Gan
Science 116 (Physics Lab)
Engineering Soil Modification Utilizing Cement
John Thurlo
Science 201
Other An Exercise in Sustainable Design: Designing a Living Building in San Francisco
Lara Stucki
Hoover 104
Other Séduction et violence dans « Carmen »: roman, cinéma et opéra
Sandra Kirollos
Deihl 104
Physics/Astronomy/Planetary Sciences HIGH-EFFICIENCY POWER SUPPLY
Daniel Quach
Science 301
Psychology Does Religion Influence Hope?
Evelyn Herrera
Hoover 100
Psychology Hope and Sociopolitical Control
Narges Mohsenpour
Hoover 108
Religious Studies The Correlation between Religiosity and Behavioral Domains among Italian Adolescents
Michelle Manning
Hoover 105
Sociology Additonal Challenges Faced by Non-Traditional Students: Evaluating Campus Resources for Veteran Students
Tammi Chaparro
Mendenhall/Greenleaf Gallery
Sociology Deception in online dating profiles: How online dangers are exacerbated by self-promotion
Kayla Orlinsky
Hoover 106