Oral Presentations, Session 3 (3:10PM – 4:20PM)

Discipline Presentation Room
Biology A Promising Model in Understanding Metastasis: Uterine Seam Cell Development in Caenorhabditis elegans
Sang Nguyen
Science 204
Biology Organics Exposure in Orbit (OREOcube): An International Space Station Astrobiology Experiment
Jillian Walker
Science 104
Biology Radiation Effects on the Cdc7/Dbf4 Protein Kinase
Vatche Kaprielian
Science 405
Biology The Effect of Intranasal Oxytocin Administration on Autistic-like Behavior in C58/J Mice
Rachael Holt
Science 102
Biology USDA-approved organophosphate pesticides cause developmental abnormalities in two aquatic vertebrate models
Jonathan Gregg
Science 208
Chemistry Synthesis and Characterization of a Heterobimetallic Coordination Complex with Redox-Active Ligands
David Cao
Science 402
Computer Science Conditional Random Fields for Dense Stereo Matching
Christopher Yeh
Science 110 (Physics Lab)
Engineering Simultaneous Localization and Mapping Quadcopter
Steven Viska
Science 116 (Physics Lab)
Engineering A Comprehensive Investigation of The Design and Modeling of The Olivenhain Dam and Reservoir For Seismic Performance
Gabriela Bernaldino
Science 201
Engineering Determining the Fuel Savings of “Off-Cycle” Technologies for Light-Duty Vehicles
Nigel Williams
Science 301
Film Studies Oppression et désarroi dans Le jour se lève de Marcel Carné
James Thornton
Deihl 104
Philosophy Epistemic Privilege and The Center of Power
Monica Pinon
Hoover 108
Psychology Sleeping Habits and Family Stress among Adolescents
Angela Lim
Hoover 105
Psychology Stroop Task Practice Effects for English as a First Language (EFL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) Speakers
Chen Wang
Deihl 118
Psychology The Significance of Hope
Cecily Colgate
Hoover 100
Psychology Transfer Shock and its effects on Student Success
Monica Santos
Mendenhall/Greenleaf Gallery
Sociology "Home Schooling is Heaven, Not Harvard": The Worldview of Home Schooling Families in Early 21st Century Southern California
Danielle Webster
Hoover 113
Sociology Drug Documentaries and Series Aired on American Television: The Issues of Misrepresentation and Moral Panic
Larissa Sherwood
Hoover 106
Sociology Place Identity through Place-Making: Stakeholders' Reactions to the Asian Longhorned Beetle in Worcester, Massachusetts
Carlee Shults
Hoover 104