Oral Presentations, Session 3 (3:10PM – 4:20PM)

Discipline Presentation Room
Biochemistry Reactivation of zebrafish acetylcholinesterase by novel oxime compounds following inhibition by organophosphate pesticides
Hayden Schmidt
Science 102
Biochemistry Spatial Distribution of Nonylphenol and its Partitioning towards Human Subjects as it Relates to Environmental Levels
Kyle Van de Bittner
Science 104
Biology Adipogenic Effects Of The Environmental Obesogen Bisphenol-A
Tun Aung
Science 405
Biology DNA Microsatellite Variation in the Coyote Ceanothus (Ceanothus ferrisiae)
Olivier Monty
Science 204
Biology Metabolic response of Ilyanassa obsoleta egg capsules to increased temperature under immersed and emersed conditions
Janet Garcia
Science 208
Business Chevron Corporation: INTS 497.06 External Environment, Industry Analysis, and Company Assessment
Lindsay Gardner
Science 302
Computer Science Developing an Algorithm for Efficient Nim-Value Calculation in Dots and Boxes
Andrew Brinker
Science 110 (Physics Lab)
Education Can Stereotype Threat Explain the Transfer Shock Phenomena?
Tatev Papikyan
Mendenhall/Greenleaf Gallery
Education iPad and Pedagogy: Exploring the Impact of One-to-One iPad Classroom Integration on Perceived Educator Effectiveness
Steven Lesky
Hoover 113
Michael Ayad
Science 201
Engineering The Impact of Air Lubrication on a Boat's Propeller
Richard Copca
Science 301
Engineering Unmanned Aerial Vehicles: Increasing Reliability and Paving a Path for Advance Applications
Alejandro Osorio
Science 116 (Physics Lab)
Film Studies L’anti-héro dans 3 films de Jean-Pierre Jeunet: Amélie, Un long dimanche de Fiançailles et Micmacs à tire-larigot
Sharon Kikinis
Deihl 104
Other The possible role of alcohol use as a coping mechanism of school stress among adolescents.
Jose Rodriguez
Hoover 105
Political Science A Climate of Change: The Geopolitical Ramifications of Climate Change
Adam Keppler
Hoover 104
Political Science Feminism in the News: A Content Analysis of Fox News Channel and MSNBC
Melissa Manzanares
Hoover 108
Psychology An fNIRS Study: Benefits of Bilingual Attention on Literacy Acquisition
Jaime Munoz-Velazquez
Deihl 118
Psychology Effect of Facebook on Mood
Caroline Roemer
Hoover 106
Psychology The Relationship between Hope and Inspiration
Jennifer Calderon
Hoover 100