Oral Presentations, Session 2 (1:40PM – 3:00PM)

Discipline Presentation Room
Anthropology Defining and obtaining happiness through emotional state theory
Jonathan Beach
Hoover 108
Art Imaginative Nostalgia
Christian Hogan
Hoover 106
Biology Behavior traits and growth characteristics of newly weaned piglets
Alexandra Glenn
Science 304
Biology Improving the viability and retention of therapeutic neural stem cells through encapsulation in a protective hydrogel
Adam He
Science 102
Biology Role of Caveolin and Adaptation of C. elegans to Hypoxia
Taiwo Dodo-Williams
Science 405
Biology Studying the Effects of Chromogranin A and Catestatin Knockout on Cardiac Structure and Ischemic Preconditioning in Mus Musculus
Kevin Yei
Science 104
Biology The Survivin and cIAP1 anti-apoptotic proteins are differentially downregulated in response to endoplasmic reticulum stress
Vicki Mercado
Science 204
Business Dealing with Commuter Culture: A Study of the Commuter Programs at the University of California, Riverside
Sapir Levin
Science 302
Chemistry Electrocatalytic Properties of Carbon Monoxide Dehydrogenase Catalysed Carbon Dioxide Reduction
Katherine Lee
Science 402
Cultural Studies Art, Money, and Marriage The Need for a Closser Examination
Kevin Stidham
Hoover 105
Engineering Adaptive Nonlinear Neural Network Flight Controllers
Ajay Bettadapua
Science 116 (Physics Lab)
Engineering Investigation of the Elastic Properties of Microbubbles Using a Pressure Chamber
Malvika Verma
Science 110 (Physics Lab)
Engineering Mechanical and Corrosion Behavior of Ultrafine Grained 5083 Al
Jane Ho
Science 201
Gender Studies Framing Spaces of Illegality: Undocumented College Graduates and Deferred Action
Maria Servin
Hoover 104
Other University Drive: Study of Intermodal Interactions
Cristina Graciano
Hoover 113
Science 301
Psychology Hope for Education with the Hindrance of Anxiety
Tiffany Rushin
Hoover 100
Psychology The association between weight, physical attractiveness and mental health among adolescents
Alisha Fletcher
Deihl 118
Sociology Revealing Gender Occupational Segregation in Romance Films
Sofia Laguna
Deihl 104
Sociology Structural Adjustment and Latin America's Turn to the Left
Joel Herrera
Mendenhall/Greenleaf Gallery