Oral Presentations, Session 2 (1:40PM – 3:00PM)

Discipline Presentation Room
Art Don't Touch! Examining the Role of Hands-On Children's Programs in Museums
Kristin Brisbois
Hoover 106
Biology Association between albumin level and intracranial hemorrhage in post-tPA ischemic stroke patients
Frances Wang
Science 104
Biology Novel Surgical Aid: Fluorescent Nerve Peptide Labeling of Degenerated Neural Tissue
Melina Mastrodimos
Science 208
Biology Regulation of DNA methylation in postmitotic neurons of mouse brain
Katherine Sheu
Science 102
Biology Targeted-Apoptosis in Secondary Cells of Male Drosophila Using GAL4 Lines
Yanting Li
Science 204
Biology The effect of PGG and fruit extracts on IAPP Aggregation
Catalina Pereira
Science 304
Biology The Effect of Soy Derived Phytoestrogens on Innate Immunity in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans
Breann De Santiago
Science 405
Business Letters to Shareholders: An Examination of CEO Rhetoric and Financial Performance.
James Scott-Ransom
Science 302
Chemistry On the Synthesis of Plasmonic Gold Nanoparticle Structures
Monica Marks
Science 402
Chemistry Synthesis of Benzoic Acid Derivative Based Dendrimers as Potential Anti-burn Agents
Arabo Avanes
Science 301
Computer Science A Ground Control Station for Multi-Vehicular Data Visualization and Control
Michael Heid
Science 116 (Physics Lab)
Engineering Thermoelectric Nanocomposites Prepared in High Voltage Electric Field
Bruce Decker
Science 201
English Literature De-queering (& Re-queering) Dorian
John Tice
Deihl 104
History "Removed from where they can be dangerous": The Spanish Policy and Practice of Indigenous Exile from Northern New Spain, 1700-1800
John Paul Paniagua
Mendenhall/Greenleaf Gallery
History “Justice for BerĂ©m! Justice for Ikrit!”: Negotiating Identity through Nonviolent Action
Jessica Truckey
Hoover 104
Mathematics Cancer Screening Using Biomimetic Pattern Recognition with Hyper-Dimensional Planes
Leonila Lagunes
Science 110 (Physics Lab)
Other Obesity Prevention and Reduction among Latino Women in a Community Clinic
Nicole Gonzalez-Bishop
Hoover 105
Psychology Childhood Obesity: Assimilation, Individualistic Attitudes, and Resource Use among Latino Parents
Ashley Maldonado
Deihl 118
Psychology It's the Dope(amines): The Role of Brain-Reward Circuitry in Long-Term Successful Video Games
Joseph Hanna
Hoover 108
Jason Griffin
Hoover 113
Psychology The Effects of Everyday Multitasking and Technology Use on Performance in College Students
Jose Lara-Ruiz
Hoover 100