Oral Presentations, Session 1 (9:40AM – 10:55AM)

Discipline Presentation Room
Anthropology An Imagined Population: The Racialized Erasure of Riverside, California’s Chinese Community in the Late 19th and Early 20th Centuries
Donna Arkee
Hoover 108
Anthropology Ready To Die: The Worship of Death in Los Angeles
Arturo Alvarez
Hoover 100
Biology Analysis of Breast Cancer Associated (BRCA) Gene Mutations in Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Alberto Herrera
Science 405
Biology The Effect of CDK4/6 Inhibition on the Expression of Chemokine Receptors and Ligands
Matthew Emrick
Science 208
Business Determinants of Voluntary Disclosure of Realized or Realizable Executive Compensation
Dan Zhu
The Club - Campus Center
Chemistry Characterizing E. coli UvrC, a nucleotide excision repair protein
Janani Mandayam Comar
Science 204
Chemistry Analysis of Trace Amount of Perchlorate in Drinking Water by Capillary Electrophoresis
Dianne Sanchez
Science 302
Chemistry Synthesis and Characterization of Copper Complexes: Reactivity with CT-DNA
Jennifer Wacker
Science 301
Cultural Studies Postcolonial Public Health: Sociopolitical Constructions on an Emerging Diseases Worldview
Kerry Sakimoto
Hoover 113
Earth & Environmental Science Plankton Species Diversity in the San Francisco Bay and Beyond
Whitney Tashiro
Science 104
Engineering An approach to gas sensing - Suspended carbon nanowire gas sensor measuring localized chemical vapor deposition.
Jose Comi
Science 116 (Physics Lab)
Engineering Analyzing the Efficiency of Microbial Populations in Woodchip-Sawdust Bioreactors
Samayyah Williams
Science 304
Engineering Effect of Uniaxial Extension on Drug Permeation in Vivo
Lingxiao Yan
Science 102
Blanca Calderon
Science 402
Film Studies Using Psychological Motivation to Resolve the Performative Conundrum in the Musical Genre
Natasha Anderson
Hoover 104
Other Poem Interpretation and 3D Lego Performance: A Visual and Tactile Representation of Mathematizing Literature
Beatriz Maldonado
Hoover 106
Other Promoting Resilience for Low Self-esteem Individuals
Vanessa Urbina
Hoover 105
Physics/Astronomy/Planetary Sciences The Longitudinal Dependence of Solar Energetic Particle Event Release Times
Emma Shupper
Science 110 (Physics Lab)
Political Science Politics to the Extreme: Mapping the Interest Group Universe
Ethan Poytress
Deihl 118
Psychology “Twilight:” the Ever-Reaching Cultural Phenomenon
Sarah Beydoun
Deihl 104