Oral Presentations, Session 1 (9:40AM – 10:55AM)

Discipline Presentation Room
Biochemistry Foamability and Antimicrobial Activity of Bovine Lactoferrin
Benjamin Yeh
Science 304
Biochemistry Inverse Opal Hydrogel Sensors for the Detection of Endospore Viability
Tara Sowrirajan
Science 208
Biochemistry Synthesis and Characterization of Sorafenib- and Bosutinib-Encapsulated mPEG-PLGA NPs for the Purpose of Cancer Drug Delivery
Carolyn Kan
Science 102
Biochemistry The Virus BLItz: Characterizing Heparin Antagonist Virus-Like Particles
Myles Groner
Science 405
Biology Use of GAL/UAS to Assay Enhancer Activity within Defined DNA Fragments in Drosophila melanogaster
Ken Vittayarukskul
Science 204
Business Environmental Scan and Environmental Threats and Opportunities Profile for the Pharmaceutical Industry and Sanofi
Taylor Clayton
Mendenhall/Greenleaf Gallery
Chemistry A Novel Approach to Bioorthogonal Reactions
Uday Chauhan
Science 301
Chemistry Analyzing Atmospheric Aerosol with Atomic Force Microscopy
Weimeng (Stephanie) Kong
Science 302
Communications The Diversity and Multi-Faced Dimensions of Modern Corporate Social Responsibility
Amanda LeCave
The Club - Campus Center
Cultural Studies Righteous Minds: Connecting Black Liberation to Five Percenter Rap and Militant Rap
Alexa Harris
Hoover 104
Cultural Studies School Bullying from the Perspective of Latino Parents in East and South L.A.
Martha Sanchez
Hoover 108
Engineering Multiple Voltage Partitioning Techniques of VLSI
Daniel Hsu
Science 116 (Physics Lab)
Engineering Phytoremediation of 1,4-Dioxane with Sweet Basil
Jeff Lopez
Science 402
English Literature "Mazy Paths but Lead to Ill": Locating the Public in the Novels of Charles Brockden Brown
Kenneth Lai
Deihl 104
English Literature Hesitation, Control, and Inclusion: Ambiguity in the Conclusion of Morrison’s Paradise
Hilary Jones
Hoover 106
History Rebels in the CCCP: Analyzing the Soviet Youth in the 1980’s
Anthony Santiago
Hoover 113
History Where is Ataturk's Dream Today?
Jennifer Robinson
Deihl 118
Other Food Science-Comparison of Anthocyanin Extraction Yield Using Sonication, Blending and Homogenization Methods and Different Solvents
Yushu Tseng
Science 201
Physics/Astronomy/Planetary Sciences Asteroid Shape Modeling: Using Light Curve Data to Distinguish the Shape of a Near Earth Object
Stephen Ebelhar
Science 110 (Physics Lab)
Psychology Are You Inspired By Your Family?
Kelsey McNary
Hoover 100
Sociology Embracing the End of Life: Coping Strategies among Staff and Volunteers at a Non-Profit Hospice Facility
Elizabeth Barna
Hoover 105