The Relationship between Hope and Inspiration


Jennifer Calderon


Virgil Adams, Program Chair & Professor of Psychology, CSU Channel Islands

The Relationship between Hope and Inspiration Jennifer Calderon, California State University Channel Islands Mentor: Virgil H. Adams III, Ph.D. Psychology Department California State University Channel Islands Inspiration has received little academic or experimental consideration within the psychology field (Thrash & Elliot, 2003). Although the influence of inspiration on well-being has previously been examined (Thrash, Elliot, Maruskin, & Cassidy, 2010) the present study expands on this research by examining the relationship between Hope and Inspiration. A sample of community members, primarily from Camarillo, California, were surveyed (N=1,734). A sub-scale of this larger survey was the Inspiration Scale used to measure the frequency and intensity of Inspiration (Thrash & Elliot, 2003). It was hypothesized that individuals with a high level of hope would also experience a high level of inspiration frequently and strongly. Utilizing a Hierarchical regression model, the results from the analysis supported this hypothesis, even after controlling for other external factors such as gender, ethnicity, education level, etc. The discussion focuses on the influence of Inspiration on Hope.

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Jennifer Calderon


Saturday, November 23, 2013


3:10 PM — 3:25 PM


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