The Effects of Social Media of College students here at Whittier College


LaFelton Traxler


Rebecca Overmyer-Velazquez , Professor of Sociology, Whittier College

Social media's impact on college student academic performance need to be examined because social media websites are growing, with more and more of us using them to connect to friends and family. People are interested in learning more about social media because of the impact it potentially leaves on our youth. As time evolves, we will continue to do more studies and research on social media because technology will also evolve. My research question is how does social media affect students’ academic performance at Whittier College? To collect data I conducted surveys that asked college students at Whittier College to report how they use social media and how they perceive this use impacts their academic performance. Of the 53 surveys completed, 42 stated that college students feel as though social media is a distraction while in school or while doing school work because it easily takes their focus off school work, and on to social media where they can catch up with current events, talk to their friends, or do much more fun things at the click of a button on their mobile devices. The 11 people who said that social media isn’t a distraction while in school or doing homework simply elaborated by saying that they just turn their social media networks off and don’t open them back up until they have completed their work first. The gender, year of the student, or their GPA levels did not matter to the results of the surveys that I gave out. My research shows that many people know and understand that social media may be a huge distraction, but that no one has looked deep enough into the subject to find a solution that pacifies both sides, as in using social media and it not being a distraction.

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LaFelton Traxler


Saturday, November 23, 2013


1:40 PM — 1:55 PM


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