Synthesis of Benzoic Acid Derivative Based Dendrimers as Potential Anti-burn Agents


Arabo Avanes, Madlina Babakhanlou, Ericka Cruz, Armen Davidian, Hayk Hakobyan, Gevorg Kazaryan, Thanh Le, Lee Macklin, Raffi Nazaryan, Thomas Peev, Jonathan Saboury, Miles Sandman


Asmik Oganesyan, Assistant Chemistry Professor, Glendale Community College, CA

Benzoic acid and its derivatives have been identified as an excellent antioxidants due to the presence of multiple phenolic hydroxy groups. Coupling gallic acid with biodegradable polyamines should highly enhance these properties due to the multiple amidation sites on polyamines. Our group took advantage of commercially available polyamines and has synthesized several denrimer-like polyamides. Activation of benzoic acid and derivatives was done using NHS coupling agent (1a-3a), and the activation procedures are successfully reported in high yields. The products of the coupling (2a-5c)are characterized by m.p., IR, GC-MS and H NMR techniques.

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Arabo Avanes, Thomas Peev, Jonathan Saboury, Hayk Hakobyan, Madlina Babakhanlou, Lee Macklin


Saturday, November 23, 2013


2:10 PM — 2:25 PM


Science 301

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Oral Presentation