iPad and Pedagogy: Exploring the Impact of One-to-One iPad Classroom Integration on Perceived Educator Effectiveness


Steven Lesky


Stella Erbes, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, Pepperdine University

This qualitative study explored how one high school history teacher and one middle school English teacher from an independent school in southern California prepared to integrate a class set of iPads into their instruction, and investigated how the instructors perceived that iPad integration affected their pedagogies and effectiveness as educators. One-to-one programs and "BYOD” (bring your own device) policies are currently being considered by schools, and are more easily adoptable in private, highly affluent institutions. Studies related to educational technology are plentiful, but empirical research addressing the role of the instructor in adopting such innovations is remarkably scarce and will be valuable to the educational community. In May 2012, iPads were borrowed from a local university and given to study participants for use with their classrooms for one school cycle, or six school days. The instructors used the devices in all sections of the single subject they taught. Throughout the school cycle, instructors rotated iPads so that each section had several experiences learning with or without the device during classroom instruction. Investigation was conducted through participant observation and a series of three formal interviews with each instructor: a pre-interview assessing technological preconceptions, interviews discussing experiences while teaching with the iPads, and a follow-up interview regarding the return to non-iPad-based instruction. Interviews were roughly transcribed and coded to organize the data systematically so that patterns could be noted. Results found that each instructor commented about their instructional philosophy, instructional objectives, tech support, teacher efficacy, and classroom management during the course of the study. Interestingly, the participants in this study were most concerned with teacher efficacy, their ability to be effective in teaching their curriculum with the iPad and being successful in preparing instruction that included iPads.

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Steven Lesky


Saturday, November 23, 2013


3:10 PM — 3:25 PM


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