Mayank Goel, Ritvik Mishra


Shwetak Patel, Associate Professor of Computer Science and Engineering and Electrical Engineering, University of Washington

The goal of this project was to build a compact device that can fit into the form of a watch, and can accurately track the user’s heart rate over the course of a day with minimal interference with everyday life. Most heart rate monitors are either obtrusive and uncomfortable such as the devices that must be worn around the user’s chest, or lack the accuracy and battery life to accurately track the user’s heart rate for the course of a full day. Doctors have suggested that if they could have access to a user’s 24-hour heart rate, the diagnosis of a number of ailments would become much easier as they have access to much more knowledge of the patient’s condition. We have created a working prototype of this device, where raw data is written to a microSD card, which can later be removed and plugged into a computer for post-processing to extract the actual heart rate data.

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Ritvik Mishra


Saturday, November 23, 2013




Poster Session 3 - Villalobos Hall

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Poster Presentation


Computer Science