Green Gasoline Production from the CE-CERT Process


Kalyn Q. Situ


Dr. Chan S. Park, Associate Research Engineer, University of California, Riverside

The CE-CERT process may convert carbonaceous matter into clean synthesis gas (syngas) through the steam hydrogasification reaction (SHR). The focus of this project is the efficient production of high quality syngas to produce Fischer-Tropsch (F-T) gasoline, diesel, and wax. The F-T products are mainly composed of normal paraffin with a high carbon number distribution from C1 to over C50. Further steps to produce gasoline-range products (C5~C12) are hydrocracking and chemical refinery upgrades. A new catalyst processing system creates a particular F-T catalyst with a zeolite shell. These specific F-T catalysts directly generate high quality gasoline-range hydrocarbons with a high-octane value in one complete step. Therefore, chemical refineries may no longer be needed and lead to greater economical production of green gasoline. The initial objective is to determine the kinetics and overall characteristics of a standard F-T reactor in a newly designed fixed-bed reactor system. The experiments will be carried out under varied conditions in order to evaluate the effect of major parameters of F-T production, such as temperature, pressure, and space velocity. The performance of the F-T will be assessed including syngas conversion, product distribution, and catalyst lifetime. To maximize the production of heavy hydrocarbons, the optimized operational conditions of the F-T system will be determined, while maintaining a high conversion of the syngas and extended lifetime of the catalyst. The following objective is to explore the direct F-T gasoline production from the CE-CERT process. Coating a standard F-T catalyst with a zeolite shell through hydrothermal synthesis will develop the F-T catalyst of interest. The zeolite shell acts as a hydrocracking and isomerization catalyst that will convert the hydrocarbons, synthesized on the F-T catalyst, into branched gasoline-range products. The product distribution and syngas conversion performances between the standard and the new F-T catalysts will be compared.

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Kalyn Q. Situ


Saturday, November 23, 2013


9:40 AM — 9:55 AM


Science 402

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Oral Presentation