Ferroelectricity of Diisopropylammonium Bromide


Kevin Collins, Kevin Collins, Melissa Hannan


Timothy Usher, Professor of Physics, California State University San Bernardino

Ferroelectricity is a property in which electric dipoles align and remain aligned even after external stimuli is removed. This is significant because of the numerous physical, electrical, and mechanical applications. Diisopropylammonium Bromide (DIPAB), an organic crystal, has recently (2013) been found to have ferroelectric properties. Our measurements have confirm those findings by using hysteresis loops and the existence of a Curie temperature as indicators. While we have tested for hysteresis loops and found evidence that our sample is hysteretic, we have not yet seen a saturated hysteresis loops. Our measurements are ongoing. We have measured a Curie temperature at about 424K, which agrees with published results. At the curie temperature we measured the capacitance to be 0.072 nF, though this figure varies greatly among the different samples. Also, we are currently trying to confirm the existence of another transition temperature which has been reported by literature. Again, these measurements are ongoing.

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Kevin Collins, Kevin Collins


Saturday, November 23, 2013




Poster Session 3 - Villalobos Hall

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Poster Presentation


Physics/Astronomy/Planetary Sciences