Feminism in the News: A Content Analysis of Fox News Channel and MSNBC


Melissa Manzanares


Susan Gotsch, Professor of Sociology, Whittier College

Several scholars have examined mainstream media’s representations of the feminist movement and have analyzed how the news media frames feminism. This work seeks to build upon this research to provide a more complete understanding of what stories the news media tells about feminists and feminism. In particular, this work examines how both the Fox News Channel and MSNBC represent the feminist movement via quantitative and qualitative content analysis of news transcripts. Fox News Channel represented feminists and feminism as overwhelming negative whereas MSNBC provided more complex and ambiguous coverage.

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Melissa Manzanares


Saturday, November 23, 2013


3:10 PM — 3:25 PM


Hoover 108

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Oral Presentation


Political Science