Are You Inspired By Your Family?


Kelsey McNary


Virgil H. Adams III, Ph.D., Program Chair & Professor of Psychology, California State University Channel Islands

Are You Inspired by Your Family? Kelsey McNary, California State University Channel Islands Mentor: Virgil H. Adams III, Ph.D. Psychology Program, California State University Channel Islands Inspiration has received little theoretical or empirical attention within psychology (Thrash and Elliot, 2003). The present study expands on this research by examining the importance of a strong relationship with ones family and how inspired one feels. Utilizing a sample of community dwelling adults drawn from Southern California, the analyses were based on a sub-sample of a larger survey (n=692). It was hypothesized that those who feel more inspired in their everyday lives are very close with their families. Utilizing a Hierachical Regression model, results supported the hypothesis in that family closeness was able to significantly account for variance in inspiration. This remained true despite controlling for age, gender, education level, marital status and household income of the respondent. The discussion focuses on people’s overall inspiration level in relation to how close they feel to their family.

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Kelsey McNary


Saturday, November 23, 2013


9:55 AM — 10:10 AM


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